Audits and Comparative Analyses

We commence each project with a comprehensive analysis of the challenges ahead. As a result, we can tailor our expert services to align not only with the product or service's nature and its stage of development, but also with the requirements of the design team.

We will propose strategies for utilising the existing knowledge about the product and recommend initial optimization measures.

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The Value of Expertise

When to opt for an usability audit or a desk research?

Our expert service is equipped to support projects at every stage. We particularly recommend considering expert consultancy for areas with undefined research objectives, especially when it is not yet possible to conduct research with users or customers.

Usability Audit

Usability audit may serve as either a preliminary phase, before conducting research with users, or an independent project, determining key areas for optimisation. This type of expert service can detect fundamental errors, which may hinder the satisfaction of user goals and decrease the conversion rates.

The most commonly used methods and techniques for usability audits include heuristic evaluation (referring to the rules of universal usability), user scenario methods (e.g., a cognitive walkthrough), and checklists.

Possible results include lists of identified issues and areas for optimisation (with further directions), and recommendations for future research.

Communication Audit

Communication Audit

Each product has a communication framework. Its quality is a decisive factor for the fulfilment of user needs. A communication audit focuses on 3 vital aspects: comprehensibility, readability, and the potential to engage interest, regarding key user needs of a product or service’s recipients.

The most frequently used methods and techniques for communication audits include user scenario methods, social listening, and other online ethnographic methods. Additionally, it is essential to map the channels of communication and customer contact points.

Possible results include an evaluation of communication effectiveness, recommendations for improvements, and suggestions for product communication strategy.

Desk Research, Benchmarking, and Sources of Inspiration

Desk Research, Benchmarking, and Sources of Inspiration

Data applicable for the design process may derive from various sources, including earlier research, web analytics, or raw data gathered during previous research processes. Our expert service contains competition analyses, benchmarking (a comparison of products or services), and providing resources for inspiration.

We most frequently utilise methods and techniques such as comparative analysis, systematic review, statistical data analysis, and analysis of current trends.

Possible results include a collective summary with directional recommendations, suggestions for product or service improvements, and a report on areas requiring further research.

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Case studies

Web analytics and communication audit

The challenge

TDJ Estate specialises in residential development projects. The brand's websites provide significant support to the sales processes, hence the company's consistent effort in gathering data on the projects completed so far.

The purpose of the research process was to identify the best practices for communication and User Experience, in order to develop recommendations for the brand’s new services.

What have we accomplished?

  • 1. Communication audit.
  • 2. Usability audit of 7 websites.
  • 3. Desk research enriched with social listening and netnography.
  • 4. Workshop meeting summarising the project.


Stemming from the cross-sectional analysis of the company’s websites, we were able to successfully establish the best practices for key user paths. Moreover, we have highlighted where to expect potential issues with meeting customer goals.

Our report included a detailed description of the issues we identified, accompanied by suggestions for improvement. We analysed a diversity of communication channels to craft the recommendations for our client's websites. This allowed us to provide TDJ Estate with suggestions considering a comprehensive context of communication within the sales process.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

When to implement a usability audit?

A usability audit is the type of expert evaluation that recognizes various usability and communication problems and pain points at different stages of product or service development. This type of analysis is cheaper and less time-consuming in comparison to user research. It can be conducted to complement other projects or alone, to establish the causes of observed issues. Such audits are usually carried out prior to the interface redesign, after significant changes to the interface, or when visible problems with a product's functioning occur (as indicated by an analysis of website traffic).

How can desk research support product or service development?

Desk research is also known as secondary research or analysis of existing data. Its essence is to gather and interpret existing data on the product, market, and user and customer behaviour. When exercised systematically, desk research can provide facts and proofs and, consequently, form the basis for product development processes (evidence-based design). An appropriately designed desk research helps understand market trends, competitors’ activities and needs of potential product recipients. It aids decision-making processes and facilitates cost optimisation.

What methods do you employ?

Our consultancy employs a wide range of methods. We frequently combine them to meet the specifics of a research project. We usually apply diverse methods of audit (e.g., heuristic evaluation, referring to the rules of universal usability) and existing data analysis. Our consultancy intertwines various methods and approaches, such as desk research, observation (e.g., netnography), comparative analyses. We occasionally even conduct experiments to verify assumptions of a given project.

How to prepare for a UX, CX or Service Design consultancy?

Similarly to other types of research, it is vital to begin by defining project objectives. They provide the basis for choosing the methods, determining the scope of action, and devising an action plan. The analysis of data and knowledge already gained is a particularly valuable element of the process. It helps identify areas requiring consultancy and assist in determining project objectives. In addition, writing a research project brief is an idea worth considering. Do not hesitate to reach out — we will happily share with you our templates and proven practices for research activity planning.

What form of summary will be provided?

The documents summarising our consultancy are customised and depend on the research objectives and methods applied in a particular project. Typically, the document includes results of analyses, an overview of materials resulting from observations, and recommendations formulated based on research conclusions. We often conclude the consultancy by creating a knowledge repository, which can be progressively expanded by development teams. This reporting approach aligns with the concept of Atomic Research. We are happy to assist organisations with its development!

What is Atomic Research?

Atomic UX Research is a modern approach to research in the field of digital product development. Daniel Pidcock, the creator of Atomic Research, proposed a new way of organising and using data gathered during research, which widens the range of their use. Its foundation is the creation of an open knowledge repository. If you decide to implement Atomic Research, we will create a research framework and guide planned research accordingly. In this way, our consultancy becomes the point of departure for further-reaching processes and, simultaneously, development teams benefit by requiring the foundation to develop the product with the support of facts and knowledge.

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