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Our mission remains to build up knowledge about product and service recipients. We cooperate with design teams and adapt to terms and conditions in force within organisations.

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Selkie was founded in 2018.

The foundation of our expertise is many years of research and design experience, but we don't stand still. Each research challenge is also an opportunity for us to grow. We explore new industries, test innovative approaches, and combine methods.


Katarzyna Drożdżal

I’m a researcher and a designer, and also the co-founder of Selkie, where I direct the agency and its research services development.

Since 2007, I’ve been involved in research, and since 2014, I’ve kept my focus on projects related to creating and developing digital products. I co-organise an international conference called World Usability Day Silesia (WUD Silesia). Additionally, I’m a lecturer at postgraduate User Experience Design studies (SWPS University) and E-Marketing (WSE / SWPS University). My passions lie in cyberpsychology, narrative psychology, personality psychology, and social psychology. In research, I focus my attention on areas concerning processes of self-regulation among users of digital products.

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About WUD Silesia

WUD Silesia is an international conference, gathering UX specialists and software engineering experts from all over the world. It has been held annually in Silesia for over a decade now.

Being able to support such a distinctive event as World Usability Day Silesia through our team’s engagement in its organisation, is a source of great satisfaction here at Selkie.

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