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UX, CX and Service Design Research

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We specialise in User Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX) and Service Design Research.

Our offer’s core lies in an unparalleled understanding of the needs of product and service recipients. Through research, we can confront ideas with reality, identify potential issues, and pursue the best product development paths.

Fitness for purpose


Fitness for purpose

Tailored products and services engage and encourage users to return. We will verify whether they effectively support recipients in achieving their goals.


Identifying problems


Identifying problems

Early identification of challenges helps minimize their financial impact on the project. We will detect issues that hinder or prevent users from achieving their goals.


Recommending solutions


Recommending solutions

Product optimization can begin immediately following conclusion of the research. We will suggest further actions and provide our best practices.


Strategic support


Strategic support

Product development process is a decision chain. We offer insights to aid you in choosing the optimal directions.


Knowledge repository


Knowledge repository

Knowledge gathered through research is helpful on various stages of product development. We guarantee support in building a useful knowledge system within your organization.


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Our standards

Interdisciplinary collaboration allows us to tailor research projects to the conditions and needs of your business.

We have developed the standards of work through our engagement into projects of a large scope and various complexity.

From start-up support to collaborating on building multidimensional systems for international corporations.

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The Value of Cooperation

Client testimonials

We appreciate the feedback regarding our collaborations very highly, and thus, we eagerly share it.

"Mrs Drozdzal combines extensive theoretical knowledge with the ability to apply it within research projects on all stages. Whether constructing research tools, analysing results, or developing models, she excels in providing descriptions and explanations of researched phenomena. Additionally, she is capable of synthesising data and knowledge from a wide range of sources."

Aleksander Tarkowski, Ph.D.

Strategy Director at Open Future

"Since 2020, K. Drozdzal has been actively supporting research and development activities within technological projects run by Sektor 3.0. During this time, she has conducted in-depth research in the field of customer needs and carried out comparative analyses of project portfolios. The reports she has prepared were vital for planning further development strategies. Her high level of competence, self-discipline, and excellent skills made our cooperation very professional."

Dawid Szarański, Ph.D.

Program Director at Sektor 3.0

Their professionalism, kind approach, swift reactions to changes, and willingness to share knowledge — that makes Selkie unique. The team always listened to our needs, enabling us to design and carry out the research successfully.

Zuza Fus

UX Designer at Vasco Electronics

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What are User Experience, Customer Experience and Service Design?

UX (User Experience) encompasses any interaction users might have with a product or service. This includes user impressions, measuring a product or service's usability, and assessing how they fit the context within which recipients achieve their goals. CX (Customer Experience) relates various aspects of customer interactions with a brand. Service Design is the process of designing a complex service experience. All of these concepts adopt a holistic approach and address diverse experiences of a product or service’s recipient, placing them at the centre.

Why invest in research in the product or service development process?

Research aids product teams in making informed decisions to meet user expectations and achieve business success. The aim of research in the product or service development process is to gain a deeper understanding of the behaviours and preferences of their recipients. UX, CX, and Service Design research allow for the identification of user and customer needs, improving usability and thereby enhancing the satisfaction of product and service recipients. In other words, through research, we can reduce the risk of a service or product not meeting market expectations.

Which areas of the market do you focus on?

Selkie provides universal research that supports product development processes across various industries. While we have significant experience in the banking sector, our portfolio includes research tailored to a diverse range of industries. Every project undertaken by Selkie begins with an in-depth understanding of a specific product or service within its business environment. It is followed by a selection of proper methods and tools, which enable the fulfilment of research purposes within the context.

Is every research process identical?

Although there are some standard stages shared by every research process, their courses are tailored to meet each project’s requirements. Our research team begins by gathering information on research challenges. Then, it helps formulate research questions. All the stages to follow are adjusted to a project’s purpose and specific requirements of its market area.

When to consider such research?

It is advisable for both business owners and designers to consider employing research whenever they wish to make informed decisions regarding a product, service, function, or user experience. Research on the needs of recipients should initiate any product development cycle. It is possible to proceed with testing concepts from the very first sketches. The sooner ideas are verified against user needs and market realities, the greater savings can be made on the optimization stage.

How do you estimate the cost of a research project?

We usually do it by calculating the time required for the realisation of particular stages of a project. We apply our hourly rate, but our offer will also include overall pricing for a defined scope of work (fixed-price) We analyse every client’s needs individually and can thus always suggest an optimal solution. Reach us to tell us about your goals and our team will provide an offer tailored to fit your needs.